Wimborne Orienteers

Milton Abbey Score Event      19 August 2001

Plannerís Comments

To see so many of you turn up on the Sunday after the Scottish in such uncertain weather was very gratifying. Thank you for coming and for being so kind about the course. I was pleased to see lots of discussion about the best routes, including one or two which hadnít occurred to us.

Those of you who have been to previous events at Milton Abbey will know that they have been usually been organised and planned by the Maughan family with my assistance. This year they were on holiday in Italy, although Simon Maughan did in fact assist me in the initial planning & checking of the control sites.

My thanks are due to Chris,Lynn & Simon Branford for hanging out the flags on the day for me and for fetching in the flags afterwards.

Thanks also to to Milton Abbey School, the Bursar and Joe Cooper, the head groundsman for allowing us to use their beautiful campus as a base.

Dick Keighley