Dorset Schools League 8        Hurn Forest   April 21st

Planner’s Comments

 I hope you enjoyed the weather and the courses. The majority of the comments were favourable and the winning times about right. I tried to avoid the thickest areas of forest and the ‘white’ areas of woodland were generally very runnable.

Many thanks to all the Wim helpers especially Cris Tween for keeping me calm with my first attempt at planning with ‘si’ and to Tim Britton for his hide building and for checking control sites.

 Andrew Howard


Organiser’s Comments 

My thanks go to all the WIM members who helped so willingly and efficiently on the day and to all the competitors who turned up in such numbers and made our efforts worthwhile. There is clearly a market for small local events like this.

 Rick Wall


Webmaster's comments

These are the final corrected results. Schools League tables follow in the next couple of days. Please e-mail me if you spot anything you feel needs to be amended.


For provisional results click here.


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