The Caddihoe Chase

The provisional results for the Caddihoe Chase appear here. There is no guarantee offered that any more corrections will be filed - there may well be alterations in the printed results which Cris Tween is preparing.

Wednesday 22nd

As a result of feedback from the website, Cris has discovered some discrepancies in the results, largely concerning a number of people who retired on Day 2 as well as those people who ran in the Mass Start.

I've had to separate the results into five files, but the format looks much tidier.(Thurs - now I've corrected it, it does, anyway). I've removed the old Day 1 and Day 2 files. Cris has also provided me with a table of Badge standards for the National Event.

Day 2, being a Chasing Start, was an O3 event (No, I didn't know what that meant either until it was explained to me), not a C3 and thus was not a Badge event, but it had BOF age class courses.

Women W10-W21 CADDRESw10-21.html

Women W35-75 caddresW35-75.html

Men M10-21 CADDRESm10-21.html

Men 35-45 CADDRESM35-45.htm

Men 50-75 CADDRESM50-75.htm

Badge Times Badgestd.html

The map - there is much speculation on on photocopied maps. Here is the official explanation of why it was used. caddihoemap.html

The Chasing Start - Day 2.