Dorset Schools League 3 & WIM local event   Somerley Park   29th October


Simple Results
Iain Robinson of SOC has been re-instated on the Green course. We feel that the unflagged relay control 572 was so close to 543 that it could be mistaken for a second box for 543.

Our thanks to those who so readily gave up their Green course maps so we could re-cycle them. Anyone who would like a replacement map please let Chris Branford know via the Message board and he will bring them to the November Classic.




Relay splits


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Planner’s Comments

‘All I want for Christmas is a crystal ball’

Thank you to all Orienteers on Green Course who so readily gave their maps so that others could run. And thank you to those who stepped back in time and copied their map from a master map. I can only apologise once again for not getting the print run right.

The weather was super – which helped to make for a good day’s Orienteering.

I hope you had time to admire the superb setting for this event.

Lynn Branford