Moors Valley         Night Owl & Dorset Schools League Event 12/13 November 2005


Night Owl Results 12th Nov (Corrected to include bonus scores 14th Nov)

Night Owl Splits


Schools League Results  13th Nov

Schools League Splits




Thank you all for coming. Planning duties were split between Keith Henderson (Night Owl) and John Warren (Schools Courses), with Noel Smith as organiser for both days.

Our apologies go to those people who were affected when we ran out of maps on some courses and our thanks to those who allowed their maps to be re-cycled. We had 120 runners today which is almost 50% up on recent schools league events and this upset our calculations for the map print run.

The Night Owl results have been recalculated and adjusted from Saturday night to allow for the fact that the webmaster programmed a pile of SI boxes 551-555 back to front (which meant that 551 read as 555 etc), and bonus points added to David Currie's score. He was the only finisher entitled to them, having visited all the controls returning 6 full minutes inside the hour at 10 points/min give him a corrected score of 660 points.