WIM MTBO event  Moors Valley  & Ringwood North forests  15th Sept 2007

Final Results by Class

Final Results by Course

Split times (unadjusted for road crossing - life is too short!)

Jo Pickering's photos of the event


Thank you all for coming - over 100 people in all, more than last time. Clearly there is a demand for MTBO events and we will look to put on further events in the future although nothing is currently planned. Watch this space.

Thanks to all the WIM members who officiated, particularly to Trevor Bridle who planned/organised and Peter Fale who helped put out and collect in most of the controls.

We have moved those family groups who went over the road into Ringwood North forest into the Score class, together with the mixed adult groups who didn't fit any of the other classifications. This leaves the Family class for parents plus younger children, who confined their activities to the Moors Valley map only.

I have removed the the road crossing times from the results ( the score event software doesn't yet allow for road crossings so it has to be done manually)

There are apparently prizes in the form of vouchers for the class winners and once these have been confirmed they will be posted on to the official winners by the planner once he's back off his hols.

Schools Training courses

Yellow course:

1. Katie Reynolds  Colfox Sch. 21.24
Orange course:
1. Elizabeth Reynolds  Colfox Sch.  32.15

Dick Keighley
WIM webmaster