Lytchett Minster Sprint race   June 24th 2005


Simple Results





Lytchett O

Let’s start with the positives.

20 orienteers took up the ‘sprint’ challenge and as with all other disciplines some ‘sprinted’ faster than others.  The majority enjoyed the event and found Simon’s courses challenging  (brains as well as muscles were aching at the end).We extended a warm welcome to Joe from New Zealand (no – he didn’t come all that way just for this event).We were also pleased to welcome several Lytchett students who came to give ‘O’ a go – one got faster each course he did.


Now the negatives.

The builders saw fit to place a fence around the whole of the old bike shed and lawn area.  They managed to do this while I was putting out the controls and at one time two controls were completely fenced in.  This resulted in them having to be retrieved and re-sited which caused a problem on one course. Most of you coped well – thank you.

This was not quite the same as the fence which appeared in the staff car park area at about the same time.  It enclosed several staff cars and things were not ‘happy’!!

Having already made map corrections earlier in the week and re-sited several controls we were assured nothing else would change before the event – so much for promises!!


A special thanks to all the WIM helpers and to you all for coming


Chris Branford

Check here for photos - tomorrow.