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Planner's Comments

This was very much a family event between the Branfords and Stauntons, with plenty of suggestions and changes which helped to make such well received courses. Initially the event was a bit problematic with three changes of venue and map, for many rather complicated reasons, but the eventual choice of Irons Well, with the map made available by SOC and Colin Hicks, was excellent and certainly helped to make the event. Also the weather was very kind to us on the day.

I would particularly like to thank Peter Robson for being such a constructive and considerate controller I thoroughly enjoyed working with him.

We are looking into making this a regular event!

Chris Branford

Organiser's Comments

It was good to see so many people at the Long-O. We hope this will become an annual event in the orienteering calendar. The weather really helped to make the day such a contrast to the blizzard of the previous day in which we were putting out the controls.

I would like to thank you, the competitors, Andy Thornton and Charlotte Duncan, for first aid cover (happily their services were not required), and the team of WIM helpers. Everybody contributed to the success of the day.

Lynn Branford

Controller's Comments

Early and good planning by Chris and Kirsty, efficient organising by Chris and his team, including the forest team, a fine day, (except Saturday afternoon! ) and an accurate existing map meant ideal controlling conditions; no problems. I enjoyed the event as seemingly did all of the runners.

It was, incidentally, the first O-event to be held in the New Forest National Park. I hope that it will become an annual event.

Peter Robson