Inside Park 25/26 Feb


Not the Night Owl Score Event  25 Feb

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Dorset Schools & Colour coded Event 26 Feb


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Orienteering events in this part of the country seem to be experiencing a resurgence of interest, with 130 competitors arriving instead of the usual 80-90 which we usually see at Dorset Schools league events.

Our apologies to those of you who had to recycle your maps as a result of this unexpected demand, and special apologies to Jackie Butt who was inadvertently issued with planner's proof copy of his original Blue course before it was amended.

During the event, the cold got at a couple of the SI boxes which ceased to function as the event wore on - all those on either the Orange or Blue courses who provided proof that you had visited the controls have been reinstated.


Many thanks to all the willing WIM helpers at both events.