Furrow Hoppers Relay 2005  

 Ringwood Forest North  Sunday July 17

or should that be Bracken Hoppers relay?

Results (revised)
These show individual lap times except for the two teams who failed to hand in the grid with names of the runners on each leg, and the times for the individual runners.
Chris Tween has battled to make sense of the splits etc. She has very kindly re-instated those teams where member(s) forgot to punch at the changeover controls. We are also investigating those boxes which seemed not to bleep - they did flash, they did read the dibbers - presumably they were affected by the extreme heat.

Team results (revised)
These show finishing order, i.e the time taken for the team to complete all four courses three times, after the handicap time is applied.

Course Splits (revised)


For anyone with an impending trip to a holiday destination in the tropics, this year's Furrow Hoppers must have provided a valuable acclimatisation exercise. The digital starting clock was recording temperatures as high as 33C in the shade of the gazebo we had erected. All I will say is that I am glad I did my running around putting out controls at 7am before it really heated up!
I gather from both eavesdropping on the day and from direct compliments thereafter, that everyone enjoyed themselves, and that the courses were a sufficient challenge. I do apologise for the ridiculous height of the bracken, even my 6 foot 2 in stature was dwarfed by some of it. The forest was nice and clear when I planned it! We did our best to tread paths / clearings where necessary, but I guess as the day went on, these became better pronounced and easier to find.
I also apologise for the map correction on the D course. Timber extraction managed to destroy the original control feature, and although I had adjusted accordingly in plenty of time for the event, I failed to update that particular base map on OCAD before it went to the printers - hence the hand-written correction. I hope this didn't impede progress too much.
Thanks you very much to Peter Brett for acting as Controller, and next time, I will be less economical with the tagging tape! Thanks also to all the WIM members who kindly helped me on the day and particularly the computer team who continued well beyond Sunday to try to get some sense out of the heat-affected SI boxes

Tim Britton.