Wimborne Orienteers
Furrow Hoppers Relays
Hordle Walhampton School
July 15th 2001

Planner’s comments

What a great place for an orienteering event, some open space for fast running, some woodland for hiding controls, some boggy bits to get your shoes mucky, (there is nothing sadder than a clean pair of O-shoes!), gorgeous flowers and great views. I really enjoyed planning this event and devising the routes. I felt everything was under control and then..........during one of many calls to John, he told me that 25 teams had entered: “25 teams” I shrieked, “ that’s 125 people, all running round my courses”. The enormity of the planning situation suddenly hit me....aahhh. In my head I saw irate runners returning to say that “the control descriptions were wrong” or “the control numbers were incorrect”, “the points weren’t where they should have been” or even worse, runners leaving and never returning.....

Several reassuring conversations with John and Barbara later, calm was restored and as it turned out, most people seemed to be happy to take part in an orienteering event in lovely surrounding, on a sunny - well mostly - day.

Many thanks to John Warren for his help as controller and mentor (the Warren’s phone number is imprinted in my memory!) and thanks to the staff at Hordle Walhampton school for allowing us to use their wonderful grounds.

I would welcome any constructive comments about the courses.

Kirsty Staunton

Organiser/Controller's comments

Fast and furious competition - the ‘runners - up with by far the fastest running time just failing to catch the handicap winners made for an exciting climax to this year’s event against the spectacular background of the Hordle Walhampton estate. After so many months deprived of everts, the balance between fierce relay competition and the relaxed sunny “Garden Part” atmosphere made the day memorable. The fact that Foot and Mouth restrictions determined this venue shows that some good can come out of adversely!

As ‘informal’ Controller I felt that Kirsty Staunton provided an excellent range

of courses that challenged decision making despite the limited

scope of the estate. Is this a potential area for Park-O? Thanks to Kirsty for all her efforts together with her father Bob McKenzie who spent many hours literally hammering controls into some very gravelly ground. May I also thank, on your behalf, the event management team who put in a great deal of effort to ensure that from registration to the production of verified results took place in an effective manner. I don’t know what Orienteering would do without people like them!

We all send our best wishes to Mike & Andrew Kite of WEYOR who were the innocent victims of a head on car crash near Bere Regis on the way to the event - they report that they were battered and bruised but otherwise OK.

John Warren

Position Team Name Start Time Finish Time Running Time

1. No Hoppers 11.34 12.33.06 59.06
Peter Smith, Jon Forster, Shirley Moss, Richard Moss, Tim Holt

2. Raiders 11.47 12.36.42 49.42
Gavin Clegg, Ian Nixon, Mark Nixon, David Currie, Jack Hutchison

3. WIM Whippets 11.30 12.39.40 69.40
Trevor Bridle, Richard Brightman, John Shucksmith, Michelle Spillar, Sue Spillar

4. SOC 1 11.34 12.41.42 67.42
Rikka Annila, Illka Annila, David Nixon, Mary Nixon, Alex Lyne

5. Sarumbustious 11.37 12.45.41 68.41
Andy Reynolds, Steve Robinson, Ian Peirce, Shirley Robson, William Dean

6. Strackers 11.31 12.48.16 77.16
Kevin Pickering, Paul Pickering, David Tonge, Claire Fletcher, Phil. F-Corbett

7. Wessex Wizards 11.24 12.52.44 88.44
Madeleine Horsey, Alan Hooper, Fern Horsey, Liz Lockton, Jo. Stanley

8. SOC 2 11.37 12.53.10 76.10
Jane Morgan, Alex Thompson, Bill Davidson, Barbara Ralph,Paul Lipscombe

9. WIM Bees 11.26 12.55.40 89.40
Peter Brett, Gill Brett, Andrew Brett, Chris Branford, Lynne Branford

10. In a Pickle 11.48 12.56.36 68.36
Colin Blackburn, Neville Baker, John Worth, Chris Dibben, Michelle Ryder

11. Wessex Wonders 11.30 12.57.40 87.40
Ian Sayer, Kay Sayer, Charlie Morton, Julie Astin, Alan Brown

12. Sa - rum - do 11.31 13.01.40 90.40
Neil Underwood, ChicYoung, Joan Hambleton, Lizzie MacDonald, Ricky Thornton

13. Sa - rumple 11.24 13.03.00 99.00
John Parfitt, Charlotte Duncan, Jam Oxenham, Edward MacDonald, John Lewis

14. Wighto 11.23 13.03.06 100.06
Sue Williams, Glyn Williams, Dave Mackett, Norman Charman, Iris Fay

15. Good Mixture 11.41 13.03.07 82.07
John Walmsley, Andrew Howard, Richard Sharp, Helen Sharp, Mike Heath

16. Sa -
rum ba ba 11.29 13.03.12 94.12
Peter Hambleton, Rose MacDonald, F. Peirce, D. Oxenham, Fraser MacDonald

17. WIM o way 11.20 13.14.40 114.40
Sophie Lawrence, Roger Hills, Jane Richardson, C.Robertson, P.Robertson

18. SLOG locos 11.46 13.27.04 101.04
Dave Roberts, Ken Stimson, Laia Santamaria,Steve Collins,Jose Mendez

Mixed Bunch 11.25 12.45.14 80.14
Disqualified - Wrong No.11 on C1
Mike Cooper, Clare Halliwell, Stefanie Blomquist, Julia Blomquist, A.Blomquist

Cousteau’s Clan 11.44 12.56.10 71.10
Disqualified - Wrong Nos 2 & 7 on B1
Ben Chesters, Tom Chesters,Ruth Chesters, John Chesters, Kevin Lawrence

Wessex Waifs Retired
Andrew Beldowski, Nick Beech, Janet Beech, Des Wyatt, Chris Brown

New Forest Sikas Retired
Michael Yeo, Isabel Yeo, Martin Yeo, Stevie Parker, Freddy Parker