Dorset Schools Championships     Moors Valley    Friday 12 May

My thanks to all the experienced and hard working WIM officials who gave up their time to organise the event which ran like clockwork throughout and to our international runners, Alice and Emily, for presenting the medals yet again.

The planner, Helen Bolton, put a great deal of care and thought into the course. Its difficult to set a course which will  give the less experienced and younger orienteers a chance to do well and at the same time will give a challenge to the junior international runners who were also competing, and Helen's course managed to do just that.

Thanks also to BML printers, who's sponsorship of the event us to keep the entry fee down to the bare minimum.

One or two competitors thought it would be to their advantage to try to hide  a couple of control flags. (You were seen, and because all the splits are timed, we can & will work out who you were!) - literally 'spoilsports'. Very few competitors were affected because of the public spirited reaction of other runners who spotted this mindless vandalism and gave up some of their time to put the flags back in the correct position.


Simple Results


Evening Training event

Team Competition




Evening Training event


Lost Property

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1 pair child's trainers (size 13) + socks: left in car park (Claim from the Organiser, Trevor Bridle -01258 454811)