Wimborne Orienteers Boxing Day Canter 2003 Results

These results now contain corrections to times and scores, including a couple of major changes in scores. The problem was in hired cards downloaded into the splits printer and which then seemed to incorrectly transfer into the main program. We've cured it by re-dibbing some of the hired dibbers into the main program again. Apologies to those people who were affected





Printable results as a pdf  Acrobat file


Planner's comments

My intention was to give you a new view of a familiar area by relocating the Start/Finish to a central part of the forest. By so doing it was possible to reach the southern extension (Jack’s Garden) for the first time and to seriously challenge the most athletic to go for all 26 controls within the time limit. Looking at the provisional results several people got close and covered enough ground to visit all of the highest scoring control sites only having to compromise on a few lesser scoring sites to be back on time.

In contrast the majority of the 241 participants had more modest aspirations many finding the decorated tree and encountering ‘Santa Claus’ and the ‘Fairy’. Thanks are due to Tom Lawrence and Lynn Branford for taking on these roles and also to all WIM members who worked so hard on the day.

Although not ideal the weather suited most runners and it was great to see so many happy faces both young and old before, and more importantly, after the event! I hope that everyone felt that they had an enjoyable Boxing Day morning whether you ran, walked or toddled.

Thank you for coming and watch out for a possible chance to have another go sometime in 2004.

John Warren