Bovington Galoppen Results page

(Forrest in the forest)

These  results are abstracted from the full EMIT results which  appear on the EMIT website.



What a great day it was with the weather just right for orienteering. I feel that Mike Furlongs courses were very good indeed and made the very best use of the areas interesting parts, especially down in the south west corner of the map.

There were many changes from wooded to open and back and sufficient features to give plenty of interest. Some of those gullies are maneaters! Winning times were fast particularly on the longer courses in spite of the roughness of the area. The open wastes of the tank tracked areas were in fact relatively dry.

The organisation seemed to flow well and the Wimborne ‘regulars’ coped well with, to them, the unfamiliar use of EMIT. The planner and the controller were definitely in favour of EMIT for their functions with the simplified ‘putting out’ system. So, a thank you to WIM and BAOC for their efforts on the day, and of course to WSX and BAOC for the previous days night event.

Richard Arman.

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Bovington String Course Results

         thanks to Jo Pickering for the photos

Name Club Age Time
Sarah Horsler WIM 4 10:18
Elizabeth Horsler WIM 2 14:01
Catherine Hodge WIM 10 3:13
Sam Smith Ind 17 6:18
Alex Parfitt Sarum 7 3:34
Joshua Morley-Stone Ind 11 4:37
Nicolas Barrett BAOC 2 13:14
Ben Fale Ind 4 13:37
Michael Hallett BOK 8 3:35
Kit Benjamin BOK 8 3:36
Daniel Benjamin BOK 4 8:39
Jessica Benjamin BOK 11 2:44
Sarah Horsler WIM 4 8:53
Elizabeth Horsler WIM 2 14:36
Matthew Wilkinson WSX 2 17:14
Zak Hudd BOK 5 7:22
Joe Hudd BOK 2 12:16