WIM Winter Warmer 2010  Cranes Moor  14 March 2010

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Chris Branford's Photographs

Organiser's Comments
The organisersí prayers were answered and on the day of the event we were blessed with glorious weather. It was however, reassuring to know that we had a huge area of hard standing available for parking & assembly in the event of bad weather! This was provided at no charge by the Defence Support Group and we thank them for their generosity. We felt that it was therefore entirely appropriate that we should ask each car for a donation to Army Charities. You will be delighted to know that £175 will be divided between the Army Benevolent Fund and Help for Heroes.

As always the Wimborne Club Members offered their help on the day in large numbers and everything ran very smoothly from our point of view. We have already thanked them on your behalf.

It was planned that the longer courses should cross the road and visit the North West corner of Wool Heath. We applied for and were granted a licence for this area but it was subsequently withdrawn rather late in the day. In hindsight, perhaps we should have notified entrants of this fact a little earlier than we did, which was when the final details were issued. We have apologised to the one competitor who felt particularly aggrieved by this.

John & Di Tilsley

Planner's Comments
I sincerely hope that everyone enjoyed their courses on what turned out to be a fine spring day. Cranes Moor is not a particularly large area but can be very technical in parts. The challenge for me as Planner was to ensure that all eleven courses could be plotted into what is a relatively compact area but still maintain the correct lengths and TD in accordance with BO guidelines. This did mean that courses comprised of a high number of controls in order to direct runners around the area available and achieve the appropriate distance without too much repetition. In turn this did mean that the map appeared a little busy in places.

There is no doubt that the technical nature of the areas in the north and centre of the map caught a few people out and some course times reflect this.

Overall, I was very pleased with the positive feedback that I have received; it would seem that everyone was well challenged.

Finally, a big thank you to all those who volunteered to assist in the collection of controls at the end of the day; it meant I could go home and relax with a cold beer sooner than anticipated!

Mike Furlong