Thorncombe Wood TrailO Day  Sat 29th Feb

Britol- British TrailO League

TempO results -final

PreO results  -final    Control 2 was removed from the Elite PreO course because heavy overnight rain made access to it difficult for wheelchair users. It became an optional control for those competitors who wished to vsit it.

Elite Course    Standard Course

Elite Solutions      Standard Solutions


TempO & Timed control solutions  Note: Problem 2.4 C not D. Cluster 4 solutions CFZBA and not as shown on solutions map - windblown flag replaced in wrong place in between controlling and competition!

TempO & Timed control map cards  Cluster 7 are the Timed Control ptoblems, but the maps used at the event were printed separately, without the Zero option (but I forgot to change the time penalty to 60 seconds on the front cover!