WIM Furrow Hoppers Relay  Hyde Common 01 July 2018


Overall Team Results  updated July 03


Courses & Splits  Updated July 03


After the event, it became apparent that three of the dibbers used by the SOCial team had not been cleared beforehand (for which the Planner has apologised) which meant that their splits are incorrect because the dibbers only hold 32 slots, and so only the first 10 or so controls punched on the day registered. They also made it hard for themselves by running the Sprint course four times rather than three!  I have adjusted their results accordingly, so they have some sort of splits, and removed the penalty time which they were initially given.


I investigated Control 160 - there is nothing wrong with it other than it has a very quiet beep, and in the bright sunshiine, the flash was not as obvious as usual. So when  you punched it first it wrote to the card. It then appeared slow to respond if  punched a second time because the dibber had already had the time written to it, and SI won't let you punch the same control twice within a short time, something like five or six seconds.


Dick Keighley, Webmaster