Organiser's Comments (updated 12 May: now with added photographs from Chris Branford)

Well done to all who took part and my thanks particularly to planner Karen French, to John Warren, who controlled the event, and my brilliant team of coaches and helpers from WIM and WSX, and the group from Bourne Academy, who helped the event run like clockwork. 

Congratulations to Sunninghill and Poole Hich School, who won the team competition , and to the individual year group winners.

Only two runners visited all the controls, but both of them incurred a few penalty points in doing so. However as both of them were younger juniors in Years 6 & 7, both were pretty stellar performances.

The more observant of you may notice that your final scores may differ slightly from that shown on your printout. This is because on the morning of the event we had to replace control unit 134, which had a flat battery, with control unit 164 (with a temporary label reading 134) , but I forgot to program this into the results software until halfway through the event, so early starters who punched 134 were missing 10 points from their scores.

I will try to get winners' medals and the two schools trophies distributed early next week.

Richard Keighley WIM

Individual Results

Team Results       

Primary & Middle Schools Points
Sunninghill 620
Baden-Powell & St Peter's 615
Fordingbridge JS 515
Dunbury 420

Secondary Schools
Poole High School 750
Bourne Academy 505
Burgate 110


Lost Property  A PHS blazer, now claimed.

Photographs of the event