Avon Heath Night League Nov 13

These are the final re-constructed Night League results for the Avon Heath event. T

I've credited all those who punched 151 with the points, and given Bonuses/Penalties for those who were early and collected all the controls, or who were late, and/or who didn't obey the Odds/Evens rules for this event.

As you may have gathered, it turned out that 151 has at some point in the recent past been re-programmed as a Clear station (at the moment I have no idea who did this or why). So the splits you got on the night were all that remained on your dibber after it had been cleared by 151.

Following technical advice from Martin Stone of SportidentUK, I've had to use the brand new SiTiming software, which is being introduced shortly as a successor to AutoDownload. This enabled me to re-create the event by doing a fresh setup of the event  in SiTiming, importing competitors names' from the original AutoDownload event, and then reading in the contents of all the control boxes plus the Start and Finish. Its taken me all day to do this, I've had, for technical reasons, to sort out Odds/Evens scores by inspection, and I know there are some rough edges, but I'm confident that the League scores are largely correct.

Dick Keighley