WIM 2015 Galoppen  Ibsley Common   20th September 2015



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Apologies to those competitors on Orange, Green and Short Green courses who were affected by the missing control 148 box which was smashed up and then relocated  into the middle of the pond during the competition. There is a suggestion that this may have been caused by either the local ponies or cows using the control stake as a scratching post, and then trampling and kicking the box, rather than human interference: we would like to think so, anyway.

Many thanks to the competitors who retrieved it from the pond for us. Amazingly, although half full of water, the unit continued to work until it failed, noisily, on Monday evening. Reading its contents showed that nobody punched the box between 12.32 & 12.43, which coincided with the splits of all those who reported its missing. All those who showed us their punched map have been re-instated.

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