Dorset Schools Score Championships  Moors Valley 9th May 2014

Individual Results (names in bold indicate Year group winners)        Chris Branford's Photos

Team Results

Senior Schools   1st Clayesmore      2250  points    2nd S Wilts GS    1545 points

Middle & Primary  1st St Michaels, Colehill   1120 points   2nd Broadstone Middle  1115 points  3rd Hyde  690 points, 4th Dunbury Academy 620 points

It had to happen, I suppose. After years of events passing without incident, this year's event was notable for the fact that

a) Not one but two competitors fell and injured themselves in the forest and had to be evacuated by car or the Forestry Commission truck. One competitor gave up her run to stay with the injured girls until they were rescued. Both girls were assessed by a parent who is a GP, and were able to return home in their school minibus.

b) One pair of juniors, who were very late starters, ran off the map, and with an empty forest and no other runners around them to put them right, were missing for the best part of an hour. They were eventually found, making their way back safely to the finish, by one of the control collectors/search party.

My thanks to John Warren (Planner), Chris Branford (Controller) and all the helpers from WIM & WSX who acted as officials, control collectors & search party.

Any uncollected medals, trophies etc will hopefully be distributed over the next few days.

Dick Keighley