Wimborne Galoppen 2010 - RINGWOOD NORTH
including Yvette Baker qualifying round & Dorset Schools League  October 24


Results Amended 28/10/2010 - Brown course inconsistencies reported and rectified


External links: Splitsbrowser Routegadget

Note of caution: Brown course. Neither Splitsbrowser or Routegadget handle void controls. After much fiddling with the splits export and the Condes routes, We hope that Brown course competitors can still gain benefit from these two applications. We believe Splitsbrowser is accurate on splits times for all competitors, as the void control and respective legs have been removed completely. Run times have been adjusted accordingly. Routegadget will not show control 14. We suggest routes are plotted via the planned 14 location for comparison purposes and are uncertain on how the animation feature will work (if at all).

An updated results file was uploaded to the BOF website results section 28/10/10 including virtually all missing BOF numbers. So any missing Ranking List points should now appear. If yours are missing, please email the webmaster, with details of your course and your BOF membership number

Dick Keighley

Controller's Comments
Firstly, well done to Karen French,, on her first major event as Planner. We think the courses were well planned to utilise the best of the area. With hindsight, perhaps the Brown course was a little on the long side, although within the BOF guidelines.

Regarding Control 14 on the Brown, both controllers had visited this control site on more than one occasion and were, at that time, happy with it's location. However on the day it was noticed that several competitors had problems with it so I went there again to ensure that the control had not been moved or taken. It had not and it was still in the correct place. However talking to several experienced competitors it became clear that using a particular attack point led them into an unmapped vegetation boundary tip within an adjacent block of forest where they looked for the control, with no success. One competitor subsequently relocated from a nearby house and went straight to the control. It was felt that this anomaly in the map made the use of the control site unfair so the decision was made to remove the control and the legs either side of it from the Brown course.

Ian & Kay Sayer, WSX


Yvette Baker Results

1 DEVON886
2 SARUM884
3 BOK875
4 WIM871
5 SOC763

The rules for the Yvette Baker Trophy are complex.The two links below show a) The points that all competitors scored and  b) The points of those who counted for the team

YBT points scores      YBT team counters

Congratulations to DEVON and SARUM who qualify for the final.

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