Clayesmore Informal and Dorset Schools League 2nd October 2010


Thank you all for coming. This is now the final corrected version. Please let me know if I've got you down for the wrong school or in the wrong year.

Please note that:-

a) Children younger than Year 5 count as Year 5

b) Shadowed competitors get half points for the league, as do those who run down a shorter course from that specified for their age group.

c) Competitors from the same school and on the same course should ensure that they start at least 3 minutes apart. Those who start at the same time or very close together will be deemed to be running as a pair and will share the points. It is easy to see from the split times when this has happened

Schools League points will follow during the week.


Coming very soon, perhaps later on this week - RouteGadget, so you can put your routes onto the map.


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