Inside Park event 10th January 2009


MTBO event results & splits

Steve Pullen's lost dibber was found by a runner during the afternoon  Many thanks

Schools League & Informal results & splits

These are now the final corrected results including colour coded badge times.

Control 180 on the Green and Blue course malfunctioned, possiblly due to a programming error on my part. It beeped and read the SI card of everyone who dibbed, but didn't write to the card, so we removed it from the courses. The control has now been re-programmed and now appears to work perfectly.

Night Owl results & splits  

The results have now been corrected  for correct points values and time faults.  The event file appears to have become corrupted on my master machine at home and this was then copied to the laptop used during the event. 


Schools league points will appear later in the week