Bryanston Galoppen - Final results amended  07.30 March 26th ( if you've checked these results before don't forget to hit the Refresh/Reload button to get the up to date results)

I'm still awaiting the String Course results.

The day for the results team passed fairly uneventfully except when a small and inquisitive child fiddled with the generator and managed to turn it off! Fortunately, we managed to recover any temporarily missing results. The child also survived.

Other officials had more exciting moments - controller Roger Harris & Peter Fale had to chase the cows & the bull out of the field at the top of the hill above the school into the next field down.

If you are aware of any corrections, please e-mail me as soon as possible - but the results have gone to print

Dick Keighley

Controller's comments 

It was a pleasure to work with David and my input was minimal due to his careful and meticulous planning and updating of the original map. Continuing forestry work caused a few problems but I hope competitors who had to visit this area did not incur too much lost time.

Wimborne Orienteers, as usual, were well in control of all the ‘on the day activities’ including both start and finish and provided their usual high standards of efficiency. Unfortunately, one control ‘flag’ was removed early in the competition but a replacement was quickly put in place. Although quite a small area Bryanston had been well used for orienteering and thanks must go to the school for their continued support of our sport.

Roger Harris (WSX)

Organiser's Comments

Another successful event from Wimborne Orienteers. As this was my first go at organising, it was great to have sunny weather and a large band of very willing helpers. Many things seemed to conspire to attempt to spoil the event (cows and a bull in one of the fields, the foot&mouth outbreak last year and extensive felling on part of the competition area) but due to the efforts of many club members, these difficulties were swiftly overcome.

Many thanks to any helpers I didn’t thank personally before they left, especially to Peter Fale who’s guidance was invaluable.

I thought David made excellent use of the area, considering the constraints placed on him by Out of bounds areas and the shape of the site.

Andrew Howard (WIM)

Planner’s Comments

This event was a long time in coming to fruition as it started off as the Weyor Gallopen for the 2000/1 series only for it to be cancelled due to Foot and Mouth. With the demise of the Weymouth Club, Wimborne picked up the baton in order to avoid a gap in the current Gallopen season and make use of the planning work already put into it.

One big advantage of this was that it enabled some aspects of the map to be updated in key areas. However this could not cover late forestry work in the two weeks running right up to the eve up to the event where the widespread felling on part of the slopes turned what were intended to be reasonably technical but fair legs on the Brown, Blue and Green courses into something more akin to an assault course. I apologise for this but there was little which we could do about it. On the more positive side the Controller aided by other Wimborne members carried out valiant work on your behalf in removing, half an hour before the first start, 20 very frisky heifers and a bull from the field which most courses crossed on the western side of the map .

Looking at the finishing times the course for the most part were for the most part not too far off target. Green and Blue could possibly have been marginally longer given the amount of open involved and I anticipated that Brown would be too short but given the configuration of the area I could see no way of increasing it.

I would like to thank Roger for his Controlling and all Club members who helped on the day particularly putting out boxes, riding security before the courses opened and helping collect controls after the event. And finally to Judith for assistance and putting up with the clutter associated with planning.

David Bland (WIM)

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String Course Results - have gone to the printer but have yet to arrive here. They should be up by Wednesday.