Dorset MapRun training course maps 

Wimborne Orienteers

Blandford (Stour Meadows) Short Score  Start in Langton Road Car Park
Blandford (Stour Meadows) Odds & Evens Score

Blandord Stour Meadows Junior Score (Parking and start/finish all in Stour Meadows Car Park (free parking) which is behind Tesco: 15 controls and about 2.5km)

Blandford Post Box Challenge (Uses Open Orienteering Mapping). Fifteen post boxes to find in 60 minutes. Parking behind Blandford Hospital in Holland Way – do not park in hospital car park and remember parts of Holland Way are restricted parking and you can get a parking ticket! Start on top of Trailway Bridge at ParkRun HQ
Blandford Milldown Junior Score  A shorter score event aimed at juniors & novices. Start/Finish & parking at Blandford Milldown car park.

Bridport MapRun Score
Bridport Wayfarers course This is a 90-minute course aimed at walkers, newcomers & complete beginners rather than regular orienteers.
Bridport & West Bay  A 6.k line course (New 23/07) on an OOM map.

Gillingham  Start near Gillingham library/Waitrose.

Moors Valley CP MTBO  A 90 min mountain bike Score course on an OOM map: map scale 1:12 500 so it fits on A4 sheet. Please note that if you use the one way cycleway you must only use it clockwise. There are plenty of good options which do not necessitate using it.  Also note that the Play Area is Out of Bounds for cycling.
Moor Valley CP LongO  A 90 minute score event (24/07) on an OOM map: please note the map scale is 1:12 500 so it fits on A4 sheet.

Shaftesbury (Test Course) Notes This course uses a map made using the Open Orienteering Map system. To get all of Shaftesbury on an A4 sheet, unlike the others, this map is at a scale of 1:10 000.
Start/Finish are by Tesco's. Parking available either there or the nearby Angel Lane Car Park. Controls marked as x are post boxes Also note that there are only 29 controls on this course, Control 28 is missing (don't ask!)

Shillingstone MapRun Short    Use the Trailway Car Park . You can also access the Start/Finish via the Shillingstone Church Centre, near control 3, and follow the footpath to the Start/Finish. Its OK to run it in shorts but  there will be a few nettles lining some of the paths for the unwary. When you run through a field you must stick to the paths and only cross fences at the stiles or gates.

Sturminster Newton  Park in Station Road Car Park; between 09.00-15.00 Mon-Sat its 70p/hour. Outside those hours its free.   The children's playground at Control 24 is now open, but annoyingly the basketball hoop has been relocated. You will need to stand where it's marked on the map, not where it is now!

Verwood North MapRun Short Score (Start by Verwood Memorial Hall)

Verwood North MapRun Odds-Evens Score

Wimborne ByTheWay Short Score  Start near the ByTheWay car park. Updated map 27/06
Wimborne ByTheWay Odds & Evens Score Updated map 27/06

Wessex Orienteering Club

Boscombe Short Score   (Start is in Shelley Park)
Boscombe Odds & Evens
(Start is in Shelley Park)
Canford Heath  
(Start is in Asda Car Park)  Please note: the posts at control 16 have recently been removed. But if you get to the correct place, your GPS will still record the control as being visited!

Christchurch  (Start is at Wick Slipway)  This is a line course (5.3k) rather than a Score course, courtesy of WSX & Ian Sayer.

Poole (mapPoole control descriptions    Parking at Baiter car park. Please note - The OOB on the NW corner of the Poole map can be run along the SE edge (between 5 and 21). It's only marked OOB because the road layout has changed.
Queens & Kings Park  Map    Control Descriptions    There are two possible courses, an ordinary Score Event, and an Odds & Evens Score. The descriptions are in a separate file because there is no room for them on the front of the map. Parking is at the Queens Park Golf club

Upton MapRun 60min Score (Park in main car Park at Upton C.P Start adjacent)
Greenberry  A course in the New Forest. Please read the stipulations about staying on the paths and off the marshy areas carefully (links to WSX website).


Sarum Orienteering Club
Tisbury Score course The start is by the war memorial in the square and the finish by the free parking. Please park in the free car park and not on the High Street. NB Control 9 in playpark is now accessible again) .